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"KCUSD's mission is to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs and co-curricular activities for all students so that they may attain their highest potential."
Kings Canyon Unified School District is a K-12 public school system that serves students from a 600 square mile area, one of the largest geographic area districts in California. Diverse in geography and culture, KCUSD serves the cities of Reedley, Orange Cove and the foothill and mountain communities of Navelencia, Squaw Valley, Dunlap and Miramonte. The district employs approximately 1,500 staff members and has a student population approaching 10,000.
Kings Canyon Unified operates 19 school campuses in configurations that include K-5, K-8, Middle School and High School. We also offer a robust selection of programs that include Adult, Alternative, Vocational, Special Education and an Online Academy that meet the broad spectrum of student needs. Students enjoy stimulating and innovative curricula that align with state standards and effectively target student needs and interests.

4th Annual AP Honor Roll Recipient